Salsa On2 Fundamentals:
3 Different Levels

Next series begins: Our classes are currently on hiatus. Please bear with us. We’ll update the website as soon as we set up the new time and date.

  • The perfect place for any level dancer looking to get started on their On2 journey.
  • Great for dancers looking to transition from On1 to On2.
  • No partner needed.
  • Now with three different levels:
    • Beginner/Transitioning to On2 (Level 1)
      • Are you interested in learning On2? Whether you’re brand new or an On1 dancer looking to transition, this is the perfect class to get you started. Click here to find out more.
    • Advanced Beginner / Intermediate (Level 2)
      • So you learned your basics but you know you could benefit from review, refinement, and more practice while adding more moves? We got you. Click here for more.
    • Intermediate/Advanced (Level 3)
      • You feel solid about your On2 basics but you’re ready to be challenged with new moves, more advanced footwork and drills. Join us.




Please make sure you bring footwear appropriate for dance floors.  We suggest soft-soled or dance/ballroom shoes.