6 Week Salsa On2 Fundamentals Series

Ready to start your Salsa On2 journey?

If you missed any of our series this year, this is your chance to jump into the exciting world of On2!

This series will start at 10 am on Sundays. The series will run every Sunday starting TBT.

This should give you enough time to sleep in, grab some breakfast, and then come out and learn some salsa.

Details below, please email us with questions: info@mamboinc.com

Start Date: TBT

Time:  TBT

Where: TBT 


Pre-register (and save!) or pay cash or check at the door:

      • $75 for 6 lessons (6 weeks total)
      • $90 at the door

Parking: there are seven parking available behind the dance studio as well as street parking on Main Street.

Please make sure you bring footwear appropriate for dance floors.  We suggest soft-soled or dance/ballroom shoes.

What’s this “ON2” stuff I keep hearing about?
New York style salsa, or ON2, is a smooth and elegant dance that’s both musical and interpretive. Partners focus on skill of technique in lead and follow. ON2 dancers hit the breaks AND fill the space between them with elegant movement.

Why should I take the Mambo Fundamental Series Class?
If you have always dreamed of dancing salsa, and are looking to learn a new style, these classes were created just for you! Mambo Inc. puts great emphasis on providing the right instruction, curriculum and atmosphere for the first-time dancer and/or those who are transitioning from other styles of Salsa. We know this exceptional program will ignite your passion for dance.

This class is ideal for the first time dancers AND for the seasoned ON1 dancer looking to develop their ON2 skills. No partner required.

This class will teach you basics & fundamentals for:

  • Basic ON2 Steps
  • Social/Leadable Partnerwork patterns
  • Turning and Spinning
  • Shines/Open Footwork
  • Timing
  • Musicality
  • Techniques for leading
  • Tips for following
  • Dance-floor etiquette.

By the end of the series you will be able to put all of these segments together on the dance floor, effectively combining fundamentals of dance with rhythm concepts of music.

About Vernnie:

Vernnie Galicia is a professional Salsa Dancer with over 19 years of performance and teaching experience. He began his dance training in 1997 with one of the world’s top dance companies, Salsa Brava. Since then, he has performed several Latin Dance Styles in front of thousands of people in Japan and all over the United States including New York City, Las Vegas, NV., Hawaii, Miami, FL., San Francisco, CA., just to name a few.
Vernnie’s approach to teaching Salsa/Mambo is centered on technique, timing and musicality. He is now the director of Mambo Inc Dance Company, dedicated to teaching, performing and organizing dance events in the greater Los Angeles, CA area. He looks forward to sharing the art of Salsa/Mambo Dancing with all his students.


Call Vernnie: (310) 420-1951